Eldege Soffttronics have been specialized in developing drivers for (audiologische) measurement equipment which is provide with an (R 232) interface. Particularly in the factory audiometrics and the clinical audiometrics Eldege in the past 12 years have gained much experience and provide professional, flexible and extended  software.

These software parcels of Eldege Softtronics characterize themselves by the very modular advancement and as a result, large flexibility. One can put very extended total pakket together, but also is possible - much cheaper - a simple parcel. By this a tailor-made job does not need be paid therefore for possibilities which one does not use or hardly use. Acquired characteristics are possibly against very favourable prices and these acquired characteristics can be made on specification. The price of acquired characteristics and/or extensions depends of course of the scope of the extension or acquired characteristic. At appearing new meetmethode, new meetapparatuur or new test material is nearly always program module for this in the short term available, so that software has been always adapted to the newest developments.

Some characteristics:
- Within the toneaudiometeric the child sounds CD of Emid are entirely supported.

- Within the speechaudiometric a large number of speech lists is supported. Not only the NVA CD, but also the Flemish CD, the Utrechtse list, SAP list e.tc whole is supported. The lists are offered automatically as from hard disk or CD. The whole measuring and the supervision of the CD and audiometer take place entirely automatically.

- Extended configuration programme standard presently to manage be appropriate the several working methods and divergent requirements/situations software as much as possible to. At present approximately 130 adjusment possibilities  in software have been processed.

Investments in databases, or other developed software and audiometers, already done, do not go lost there the modules of ELDEGE generally easy in other software to be fit in. Also a lot of  audiometers and tympanometers are connected, like among other things AC5, AC30, AC40, AD27, SD25, OB822, the ZODIAC, BA12, BA20, AUDIOSCAN, for the etc. - a professional and very extended database/administrative parcel is also deliverable by then FENAC  (Open-AC) and Yourcare (MediWorld).

With this administrative software parcel measurements also all (audiograms) can be stored among others and consulted.
Link with the Z.I.S. Open AC or similar and link with become is possible. Alse extended planning also can be carried out with this parcel.

A demonstration version of software so far developed is possible concerning some time by means of the software page becomes downloaded.
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