Frequently Ask Questions
GEWIJZIGD OP 21-06-2007
A Almost absolutely no audiometer knows a commando to ask the maximum values by transducer (e.g. head tel. and leg slide) from software. To occur that to the display device a higher value is geared then the audiometer can establish, is there in the system options (extra => option Sys) under MAX. a possibility available for each frequency a maximum of establishing value. If the correct values is adjusted can never a higher value be established then the audiometer manages. In the software of Eldege the possibility has, however, built in the maximum of picking up values automatically!
A checks if the cable sits, however, well in the audiometer and the audiometer has been connected on the good serial poort and the baudrate have been well established (to see also the technical documentation of the audiometer). Check also if it has not been pressed on the manuaal bud (with the hand). The correct audiometer checks has been selected in the option menu (extra => option Sys) or and if the used seriele gateway and the baudrate have been well established. Check also if the correct type of cable has been connected. Some audiometers weerwerken cable with nullmodem and other with a standard cable. For a reliable communication become much pin on the cable by the software of Eldege uses.
A  This has to do with an adjustment in options. In options there is chosen for the choice simple. Choose another possibility. The choice Unmasked ensures that unmasked thresholds can be used separately. The choice Hood ensures that Hood values can be used. The choice extended makes that both unmasked thresholds and hoodplateu's can be used.
Q the audiometer does not response to the program
Q  what means the snelkeuzeknop remote (bliksemschichtje)
Q  There are no unmasked measurements or hoodplateau's visible
Q  Can I still use the software if I buy another audiometer?
The softwaremoduul themselves work with a DLL where the audiometer driver is. The programme does not work therefore with any type or mark audiometer. Eldege have already made however the most of drivers. At appearing a new audiometer generally short afterwards already a driver is available. You then only need to upgrade the driver and this is possible against very favourable conditions (of fl. 250,-- to fl. 600,-- by permit)
Q  How do I know that the good option file has been selected
A as from beginning 2002 a extension has been concerning the option files. As from present at starting up the programme it is checked or the correct version on the hard disk stands. If this case is not then follows a warning with in this the expected version and the version which has been found on disk. By erasing the option file by the programme a new option file is produced automatically, with in this the defaults! An old option file therefore no longer ensures errors in the programme.
Q  How can the calibration adjusted at speech- sentense material on harddisk?
A is establish these in the option menu (extra => option Sys). A calibrating tones is presented automatically and with correctors on the display device you can regulate the intensity of the tone until the correct value has been obtained. For each moduul there is a separate calibration possibly and of each moduul the values are stored separately! This means that you do not have again establish after you go of the toonaudiometrie with child sounds to the spraakaudiometrie or to Spraak-In-Ruis test! Because of this errors are restricted up to minimum. By reading the material as from harddisk one must also no longer act as DJ.
Q  How comes the dB value on the display deviates from those on the audiometer?
This button is only visible if the chosen audiometer remote have possibility. In these remote score the keyboard of the audiometer (frequently) is blocked and can the audiometer by the computer be controlled (blackbox audiometer in remote). As from the audiometer to work (e.g. toonaudiometrie) the audiometer must be released. Releasing the audiometer can be also done clicking with this test by on this test (Local)