SOFTWARE of the USB plugs and Play reward system child audiometrics
Solution which entirely independently (without audiometer) can be used to decrease the child audiometrics. All sounds come of the sound card or hard disk of the computer. Warble tones, noise and child sounds can  choosed with one mouseclick. To maximum 4 mechanical rewards (moving toy) can be offered. A toy can be offered without movement but also with movement. Photograph (by means of PC) and videos (by means of DVD player) can be shown. Several extra possibilities such as car side, constant reward times and entirely automatic measurement (random) is possible.
Hardware of the USB plugs and Play reward system child  audiometrie
Several examples of reward boxes with several toys  when the reward is offered.
The user can replace these toys easy themselves or with a another toy provide! Each toy that on a battery tension of 1.5 up to 9 volt work can be connected directly.
Example of a reward box if the reward is not offered.
There are reward boxes which are to the front untransparent (black) if no reward is offered and there is a possibility of a tableaux on which a toy (visible) can be placed what for example will move. All rewards are possible both by means of control box and are served within the software (e.g. the toneaudiometricmodule)!
Also soon there soon is a solution deliverable where the rewards and sounds without mediation of an audiometer are offered. Tones or the child sounds are then aroused by means of a sound card and by means of F F loudspeakers!
The sounds and rewards are possible with foot pedals and also by means of a special test placard with on this connected two push buttons.