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Within the different audiologische centres Free-Field tone audiometrie faded is differing carried out. Particularly free field  audiometrie with child sounds are very carried out in of each other several a manner and differing are especially noted. There proves be for this none real standard. This page by Eldege have been set up what more standardization is able vrije-veld reach of these audiometrie especially concerning the notation of the meetresultaten. Now a software programme to be able make that can be adapted of course, however, slightly but as a basis for everyone well useful can be this page has been produced. By Eldege a first beginning has been already given in vrije-veld the tone audiometrie software. Gladly we receive comment and hope this way already internettend a still better usefully and well well-considered software product reach. We guarantee you that already the useful suggestions we hope which from you also receive as much as possible in software will be processed

Proposal of Eldege as a main point for vrije-veld measuring (already built in software).

Total 8 vrije-veld performance indicators (for each link 2 measurings to know a test and retest result) can be carried out with the software by meetsessie. By measuring can be indicated one wishes which framework reflect the meetresultaten. The choice possibilities are (right framework, linker framework or in both audiogram frameworks). Vrije-veld the measuring measured with (warble) show if narrow link noise is at present reflected in the Eldege software in the standard audiogram framework as follows:

                                                             Without with hoortoestel (Len)

Type measuring notation notation
threshold provision with (warble) shows V T1, T2 and T3
threshold provision with narrow link noise V T1, T2 and T3

The stimulus type is reflected separately by curve with the character WT (warble tone) or NB. The signs < > are used for tones which have been felt very probably instead of heard (for example low frequencies and rather high levels). Places where one all have these measurings perhaps symbols been used? If so, which? Has a curve for the voeldrempel by frequency and in use been confessed and which must be reflected in the audiogram?

standard line.

In the basis version this standard on 20 dB lies. However this standard line is dependant of the space, the age of the examined and context sound level (stoorlawaai in meetruimte). Possibly this standard line must be instelbaar so that these can become adapted to the space in which vrije-veld measuring is carried out and possibly corrected for the age. Possibly also the spacing for this age curve has been confessed and can these also yes or no in the audiogram be reflected.
FF with (warble) tones, NB and child sounds!
Discussion page
reward system for FF audiometrie
Of on the market systems is there actual absolutely no system that are for the complete target group useful is. We think that must be used such a system be able at children from 6 months up to approximately 4 years, hearing-impaired with (related) an autistic handicap (demands generally a very strong reward pivot such as a strong lamp of 150 Watt o.i.d.) and mentally disableds (also the elderly). For children up to 1.5 years particularly a mechanical reward seems very suitable. For the older children blades or small films can be used perhaps better. Which reward is for example for mental disableds with a suspected interview loss most suitable?

According to me a good complete reward system therefore must exist from for example:

- a strong lamp
- swindling poppetje o.i.d.
- moving speelgoedje
- type looplichtje
- two monitors on which blades and/or a small film can become weeergegeven.

At present researches we or there sufficient interest exists for such an extended system. This system must also easily is able be adapted by being able choose less rewards e.g. or for other rewards choose to be able. What the minimum basis for a reward system must be? The reward system for example by means of the USB bus by the Eldege software is able be controlled (a first set-up has already built in software). Everything in modular uitbreidbare a cupboard are able sit. Rewards can be placed e.g. behind smoke glass and are illuminated by a violent lamp when the reward must be given. To stipulate what kind of system it would have and what could receive the interest and possible purchase be wants we gladly observations also your and suggestions and your possible interest (of course whole without engagement). How more candidates and how more universal the system all the cheaper such a system can become.

Gladly your suggestions and observations. The received suggestions are also processed in this page as a result of which we after course of time a good description of implementation and possibilities hebbben on that basis possibly a good useful system being able develop.
This measuring becomes in a derogatory audiogram framework like has been reflected represented. The sounds which have been used stipulate the threshold are reflected in the correct band width and the intensity used at. For example ongefilterd sounded on track 4 and a response to 40 dB will be reflected in the most right beam (broadband) on 40 dB with as symbol the number 4. Or still more nicely perhaps with an icon? For example hondje or tel.? (Is implement programmatechnisch, however, with difficulty and for all sounds a good is not invent symbol). This way in a rather synoptic manner it has been reflected how the partitioning of offered sounds is, how the thresholds lie and which frequency area irruption these approximately!
Free field audiometrie with use of the child sounds CD
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