GEWIJZIGD OP 20-06-2007
Several extensions of the audiometriepaketten
Child audiometrie with KINDERGELUIDEN CD
It is now possible in 5 bands to do test-retest measurements. Because of this it is now possible to store a maximum of 11 measering values within the child audiometrie with child sounds.

To represent and prints showing speech and Tymp
In the moduul for representing and printing the audiometric results is now also the S.I.R. tests (plump and VU.8) and the ABLB and Toondecay test taken. Tevens there extensions is more audiograms in two different manners well with each other be able compare. Beside the age curve of the client also the ISO are examine curves for each random age directly. Furthermore further and can these have improved the impression perfectly be aligned

Possibilities for decreasing a speech list have been strongly extended (also the aanklikken/offer of a word in random order are now possible).

New drivers
Zodiac (tympanometer) and for the (audiometer) READY

New possibilities
- Driver for GSI33 and the IA 335 tymp in development
- reward hardware tested and soon in production
- Links with NOAH and MediWorld in development
Again extensions of the audiometric software
Soon deliverable:
- Driver for the audiometer which picks up a complete audiogram from the moduul for view & print the audiometer and represents this audiogram and/or prints. Also a driver BA20 (bedrijfsaudiometrie) and AD229 is deliverable.
- Develops link with DLL which becomes at present elsewhere and those from a tone audiogram can calculate the speech audiogram.

A lot of extensions and improvements from a very multi-purpose parcel with himself as a result of which to compose possibilities can be chosen. At present for the total software parcel more than 410 by establishing or to choose yourself possibilities amount to the total number of institutions in the several configuration files!

Furthermore software has been extended with extra tests and controls for still larger reliability. all reports also its still more clear become.
By the introduction of OPEN AC the Mediworld database (provisionally) will not be extended further. Also the maintenance contract of MedicVision will be split up in an Eldege part and a MediWorld part, so that the Eldege modulen can be maintained seperate. Also a link will be developed directly to OPEN AC, so that the Eldege modulen can be coupled to this open database.
The link to OPEN AC (FENAC) is a fact! All modules have been adapted and can seamless be coupled to OPEN AC. Furthermore still a number of improvements and extensions on the Eldege software has been introduced, wich result in a vast and stable audiometry software, which can and work be coupled to almost each audiometer or tympanometer and wich work with the database of Open-AC and MediWorld.
Link to OPEN AC
MediWorld and OPEN AC
In early July, the new version of the eldege clinical audiometrie software is available. In this version are the screens of various modules improved and polished up. Also, there are several additional possibilities added and all imports strictly controlled. With pride we  can say that all the wishes of our customers in the software is implemented! A striking number features are the added pictograms in the audiogram of the children audiometrie, so it is directly to see what sound was offered. There are possibilities for audiogrammen to export, so that they in the reporting can be included. Also the "speechbanana" in the audiogram on the screen and on the printing be made visible. It is also possible to see pictograms in the audiogram for customers to give them an impression of the frequency and loudness of a number of daily sounds. (See the pictures below). It can also record markeerpunten witin the toneaudiomketrie, so that there can be shown that there are other thresholds measured than the recorded threshold (simulator, small children). There is therefore a kind of range be committed. In the speechaudiometrie it is possible to store the wrong words with the audiogram and look at them when appropriate. There is a possibility to processing the results in a 'sound
Newest version clininical audiometrie 2011
When the software significantly extended the optiebestand often will also contain additional possebilities. With the new version a programme can be buyed that the existing options reads and the new one sets. Only the new options would still need to be imposed. An update will quickly and easily be carried out.
Still more posibilities audiometric software 2011
Also an audiogram is checked on conditions which the user can defining itself, to determine whether a audiogram is good, is doubtful or bad and of all declared frequencies are measured. Also during import is continuously checked whether the audiogram meets these criteria. Together with the exportfunctie then computerised reporting can be automated and may for example, print or show only the poor and/or doubtful audiograms.
In the industrial audiometrics now it is possible to export the pictures of the audiogrammen to use it in reporting. There is also a complete medical history form (anamnesis). It is also possible to use more companies or locations to work with. It is possible for a given company to make afterwards a selection of audiogrammen / medical history forms to print. audiogrammen can be automaticaly characterized according to criteria such as "good or bad" so that these audiograms  can be selected later. Also the audiogrammen are clearer and the screens have a higher resolution. A printjob can be started to print selected data for a number of measurements done earlier.
New version of the industrial audiometrics
New version reward system
Early in March a new simpler rewards package will be deliverable. This system has led lighting, by which it is not nessesary to replaced the bulbs. In addition, the system is simplified and the price very beneficial. In particular for babies and young young children  a moving toy remains the most attractive reward! But, obviously, Eldege also offers opportunities to extend the system with one or two monitors. This system is also quite independently of the Eldege software and can therefore with other computerized audiometrie be used.
2009 at the beginning, the new version of all audiometrie modules is . In addition to a number of improvements and extensions there are also a number of desires of our customers. The most important improvement is to strengthen all screens and speedbuttons and simplify all the  screens. There are also more ratios in the print (colour, scale or black and white) reproduced. The minimum resolution of the screen must be 1024 * 768 pixels. Also the extension of the audiometric drivers is increased.
New version audiometric software